It’s mainly for percussion students between the ages of 11 and 18 who are having lessons from me. But if you like drumming or percussion playing then you are most welcome here.  I’ll keep  adding bits of information from time to time for students and parents alike.  If you have a link, interesting article or image that you feel other students would benefit from then please feel free to send them to me and I’ll see about including them. You will find interesting youtube video, articles about drums, drum equipment and percussion playing in general as well as information about charges and timetabling.  If you are taking GCSE, Btech or A Level music examinations at your school then you will also find helpful information here.  You may me considering a career in music, this is a much more serious step and you will need to seek advice from several sources at home, at school and elsewhere.  Take a look around and let me know what you think.

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